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Ale’s Top 10 Italian Songs

by Alessandro Preda

As an Italian-born architect and designer practicing in the US, I often ponder about the role that my upbringing in Brescia, Italy, plays in my creative production. I’d like to think that the streets we walk on, the cloths we wear, the language we speak, the chairs we sit on, the music we listen to, the views from our windows, the food we eat etc. shape our taste and desires.
While this topic is well beyond the scope of a blog post, I’ll start by putting together a highly subjective survey of Italian songs that I am listening to these days. It’s a perfect soundtrack for midnight drawing sessions or to complement your (and mine) Aperol Spritz consumption.

In no particular order :

1) Fabrizio De André Creuza de Ma

2) Carmen Consoli L' Ultimo Bacio

3) Zucchero Diamante

4) Patty Pravo …dimmi che non vuoi morire

5) Lucio Dalla Disperato Erotico Stomp

6) Giorgio Gaber Lo Shampoo

7) Vinicio Capossela Con una rosa

8) Paolo Conte Via con me

9) Mina e Celentano Brivido Felino

10) Franco Battiato Oceano di Silenzio

Here is the whole compilation: