Product Photography in the time of COVID - miduny

Product Photography in the time of COVID

by Alessandro Preda

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when product photoshoots were not feasible, we decided to develop a series of imaginary architectures to showcase our products. These 6 Imaginary Sets, developed by alepreda architecture, explore the power of basic elements–a doorway, an arch, a round window, a cased opening–to create space. Loosely connected by materiality, these sets served to launch the new ebonized finish as well as new product sizes for our MiMi line, including our Tiny Desk/Console Table, MiMi Bench, and Square Tables.

New Ebonized All-Black Finish

KG Bench

Console Table Doubles as Tiny Desk


 The new MiMi Square Table and Bench

 Cross-legs table and MiMi side table