Core Values

We take our job as designers seriously and strive for all our products to adhere to these values:

1. Sustainable materials from certified sources.

We design our products with sustainable and renewable materials, such as wood slabs, wood veneer, and plywood.

We source all our woods from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified producers to ensure provenance from "responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits."
In particular, we believe that using plywood in place of solid wood to be the responsible choice in this day and age, and we use it by choice and unapologetically. We source the best furniture-grade birch plywood that money can buy. It is durable, uniform, exceptionally strong, safe, sustainable, and as a result, beautiful.

Birch is both fast-growing and bountiful. Plywood is manufactured by the rotational cutting of lumber into thin veneers that are then laminated. Each thin layer, or ply, is set with their wood grain rotated compared to the adjacent layer, a process that decreases warping, splitting, shrinkage, and ensure the panel strength in all directions. This process is efficient and dramatically reduces waste. Moreover, due to its standard sizes, it can be transported efficiently and leads to larger output for the same volume of wood.

2. Made by master craftsmen.

After designing and prototyping all products in our Brooklyn workshop, we collaborate with master artisans in Italy to produce small batches of beautiful objects.

Italy is universally associated with excellence in design, fashion, automotive and luxury products. At the core of these industries is a system of family-owned manufacturers and craftsmen, that have been able, generation after generation, to integrate traditional knowledge with innovation. These multi-generational workshops often combine three generations of craftsmen, whose knowledge, as a result, encompass traditional details and the latest rapid prototyping technologies.

We like to think that the care of the artisans' hands is visible in the final product. And we our proud to participate in this time-honored process of turning natural materials, into well-designed, useful products.

3. Flat shipping in custom boxes.

To us, a high-end design product has to be sustainable. It's that simple.

As retail shifts online, we see packaging as an increasingly integral component of the product, the experience and the environmental footprint.

Each of our products comes in carefully designed and built boxes that solve several purposes. To store the products efficiently; to ship safely and inexpensively with regular ground services; to allow assembly directly within the box.
The boxes, and inserts are made of double-layer corrugated cardboard, easily recyclable with paper.

4. Designed in Brooklyn. Made in Italy.

Miduny stands for Milano-Dubai-New York, i.e. where members of the founder’s family lived at the time of the company's founding. This acronym also stands for global collaboration.

We design and prototype furniture and objects in our Brooklyn workshop. Our process always starts with an idea and develops iteratively through many hand sketches, 3d digital models, physical prototypes in various materials. Once a design is ready for production, we begin looking to source the best materials and manufacturing partners with the right skillset. Ultimately, the production of finished goods involves the collaboration of many dedicated individuals from different countries.

Our collaborators invariably help us make the product better, whether by improving on a detail or introducing us to a new technology.

5. Easy Peasy assembly takes only minutes.

One shouldn't need an engineering degree to interpret an instruction manual or assemble a table. We worked hard to make our customer's job easy.

Our MiMi line assembly, for instance, involves placing each leg in the tabletop slot, through our signature pressure-fit joint, followed by adding two bolts per leg. The tops are stored in the box upside down, ready to receive the legs.

Looks simple? It is and, best of all, our furniture can be assembled and disassembled as required–we realize people move frequently and may hold onto their favorite pieces.

Behind the simplicity and straight forward solution there is a lot of hard work.