Handmade furniture with a story to tell - miduny

Handmade furniture with a story to tell

by Alessandro Preda

Curious to find out more about the secret ingredient to our creations? Watch the video about the role of tradition in our production. 

Behind the effortless, minimalist look of the MiMi collection or KG bench is a painstaking process composed of no less than 35 steps. While we use machinery to cut down and shape the components, the process is mainly artisanal. All the veneering, book-matching, sanding, coloring, staining, finishing, stamping is performed by hand. This workflow provides each piece with a unique character and a story to tell.

At miduny, we believe the act of making–the translation of ideas into physical form–is a catalyst for discovery. While we design and prototype all products in-house, we are proud to collaborate with three generations of master Italian artisans. This approach allows our products to span the divide between handmade and precise digital technology. Born in Italy. Bred in Brooklyn. 

Our new batch is ready to be shipped from NY. In time for a perfect Christmas gift! Check out now what's in stock! Please share your questions and ideas with us at info@miduny.com!