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Tiny Home Office In Style

by Alessandro Preda

Are you working remotely and have no space whatsoever to fit a standard-sized desk in your living room, entry foyer, or bedroom? You are not alone, and the good news is that you need less space than you imagine to create your perfect work station. But first things first–let's agree on the 3 key elements: a desk, a comfortable chair, and a good coffee.

1) The desk could be as simple as a shelf, but it must have a specific size to be functional. So, just measure half of your arm from elbow to wrist (or top of the hand) for the depth, plus a whole arm for the length. This is the minimum space you need to place your laptop, or your pc, a notebook and rest your elbows on the top. Hopefully, you will find out that these measures match with those of our compact minimalist beauty–the MiMi Console Tiny Desk measures 17" by 48" (43cm by 122cm). Check it out.

2) The chair is your choice, as long as it is both comfortable and esthetically appealing. Some of our favorites include Herman Miller's Aeron Chair or Sayl Chair (for a more compact ensemble, you can pick the version without armrest) and Vitra's Rookie Task Chair.
If you plan to work at your desk only occasionally, a good option might be to get a stool instead. It won't be as comfortable as an ergonomic office chair, but it can be stored under the Tiny Console desk for additional space-saving. Have a look at this beauty!

3) As for your favorite beverage...well, there's the eternal question espresso, cappuccino, or americano? The tiny desk already packs a big punch in a small package, so you may want to stay away from espresso.
As far as beans go, here are a few favorites: Café Grumpy Guatemala, Jailhouse Coffee Great Escape, and Equal Exchange Organic Mind Body and Soul.
What's left? Well, after choosing the place to set your new functional home office corner, you can have fun by selecting the finishing of your desk (and optional stool). At miduny, we have created various options: Oak White for a light and natural look, Walnut Orange and Walnut Black for luxurious contexts with a mid-century vibe and Ebonized for the ultimate all-black minimalist aesthetic. What's your favorite?